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Spaceship fighter sci-fi concept see larger image
Fighter 131104 ( 2013 • digital )

This spaceship fighter is my third concept project done recently. I started by drawing several small outlines of one wing seen from top. Then I picked the one I liked best and have drawn a bigger version with some details in it. I did the same with the cockpit, except I did the cockpit from the side. Then I took a photo of the drawings, loaded it into Blender for reference, and did the modeling and texture mapping and added some more details in Photoshop.

Doing concepts like these is a great way of learning a new 3D program, like Blender is for me, and at the same time get some practice in doing concepts. And I even may use this spaceship in one of my future sci-fi images. My next project is either going to be an interior or exterior environment. Perhaps a corridor or a building.

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Wolfgang from AT wrote:November 17, 2013

A sleek and beautiful spaceship. The unpredictability of the future gives endless possibilities.

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