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Space art is a term that refers to artistic imagery that depicts outer space: solar systems, stars, nebulae, planets, galaxies and other space matter of the universe.

Space art dates back to 1865 when Emile Bayard and A. de Neuvill illustrated Jules Verne's novel, "From the Earth to the Moon". Those were the first space illustrations based on scientific facts. Later, Chesley Bonestell's (aka Father of Modern Space Art) realistic space renderings proved to be of major influence in the field. However, it was first after the launch of Sputnik in 1957 that space art and astronomical illustration really took off. Popular books like Arthur C. Clarke's "Exploration of Space" also helped promote the genre.

Space pictures in this gallery show my imaginary depictions of the matter outside of planet Earth. I use a variety of techniques and digital tools, both 2D and 3D, to create the pictures. Below is a video with my artwork that also contains music by Anosphere.

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      1. Ancient giants
      2. Stellar vista
      3. Endless opposites
      4. Planet scape
      5. Edge of perception
      6. Starry evening
      7. Future bandits
      8. Epsilon hunter
      9. Singular ambience
      10. Vacation on...

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