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I work mainly within the Sci-Fi genre in video games, but I also do CD and book cover illustration. I worked at video game studios in Norway and USA, and currently live in Denmark focusing on freelancing and personal art. I have been working professionally since 1996. For freelancing rates, availability and other questions please contact me by email.

I was born in 1970s in Poland. Although I have been attracted to visual arts since early age, I first started creating digital images in 1993 after several years of fascination with SciFi and Fantasy book covers and computer graphics from Amiga demos and games. In mid 1990s I got into 3D rendering, created a website and started posting my renderings online. They turned out to be better than expected so eventually I started freelancing. My career really took off in 1997 when I was hired to work full time as a 3D artist on The Longest Journey, a PC adventure game developed at Funcom, Norway. Later I moved to USA to work on Unreal 2 and other games at Legend Entertainment. Since 2004 I have been working on a freelance basis and also doing personal artwork. The gallery contains examples of my commercial and personal work.

Services I offer
  • illustration: CD / magazine / book cover, and inside illustration.
  • concept art: Sci-Fi interiors and exteriors, vessels, robots, vehicles and weapons.
  • pre-rendered 2D/3D imagery: for 2D adventure games, intro screens, splash screens, between level screens, etc.
    2D painting, 3D modeling and rendering, texture painting, illustration, concept art, attention to detail.

2004-now Self-employed. Working on a freelance and contract basis, and as an independent artist. Major clients include: Turbine Entertainment Software Inc., Digital Extremes.
2001-2004 Worked on-site as a concept artist, texture and 3D artist on a PC 3D SciFi action games Unreal 2 - The Awakening, U2XMP, and an unreleased first person shooter. Employer: Legend Entertainment, USA.
1998-2000 Freelancing. Worked on various projects, including the Sci-Fi Unreal 2 - The Awakening, online games, magazine, CD and book covers.
1997-1998 Worked on-site as a 3D artist on The Longest Journey, a PC Fantasy / SciFi adventure game. Employer: Funcom, Norway.
1996-1997 Freelancing. Worked as a 3D artist on Zone 99, an Amiga puzzle/shooting game.

Art events awards

  • Big Kahuna 1999 award - winner of excellence in the Fantasy World category. An international art event held at the 3D Design & Animation Conference, in Santa Clara Convention Center, CA, USA.

  • The Party 1998 award - 3D art competition winner. An international digital art contest held in the Messecenter Aars, Denmark.

  • The Gathering 1998 award - 3D art competition winner. An annual international digital art contest held in Vikinge Skibet, Hammar, Norway.

Artwork featured in books

  • Freax: The Art Album by Tamajr Polgarj, CSW-Verlag (2007)
  • Elemental: The World's Best Discreet Art by Daniel Wade and Mark Snoswell, Ballistic Publishing (2004)
  • 3DS Max Bible 4 by Kelly L. Murdock, Wiley (2001)
  • 3DS Max Bible 3 by Kelly L. Murdock, Wiley (2000)

Artwork featured in magazines

  • Fantasy Artist (October 2012), UK magazine
  • CHIP (2010), German magazine
  • Art Scene international (December 2005), US magazine
  • Digit Magazine (2002), UK magazine
  • Mac Life (2001), German magazine
  • 3D WORLD (2001), Spanish magazine
  • Stargate (2000), Italian magazine
  • 3D Advanced Graphics and Animation (October 1999), US magazine
  • Amiga Advis (January 1999), Danish magazine
  • GFX (April 1997), Polish magazine
  • MacFormat (July 1996), UK magazine
  • MacFormat (March 1996), UK magazine

Worked on games

  • Magic Swap - online puzzle game developed by Eon Works (2010)
  • Distinctus - online image game developed by Eon Works (2010)
  • Nonaquad - online puzzle game developed by Eon Works (2010)
  • Pentacolor - online puzzle game developed by Eon Works (2009)
  • Quick Fire Pool - online pool game developed by Chameleon Games (2008)
  • Warpath - a PC and console game, Sci-Fi first person shooter developed by Digital Extremes (2006)
  • Dungeons & Dragons Online: StormReach - a PC and console game, Fantasy RPG developed by Turbine Entertainment (2006)
  • Project X - PC game, unfinished first person shooter developed by Legend Entertainment (2004)
  • U2XMP - a PC and console game, Sci-Fi multi player shooter developed by Legend Entertainment (2003)
  • Unreal 2 - a PC and console game, SciFi first person shooter developed by Legend Entertainment (2003)
  • The Longest Journey - a PC game, Fantasy / SciFi adventure game developed by Funcom (1999)
  • Zone 99 - an Amiga game, a 2D maze puzzle developed by Aurora Works (1997)

CD/LP Music Album Covers (partial list)

Artwork featured online

Online awards (partial list)

Zazzle - Pro Seller award (2011)

RedBubble - Sci-Fi Featured Art for Cyberian flight (2010)

Zazzle - Today's Best Award for Stellar vista (2008)

Art Wanted - Award for Planet scape (2008)

Bel Art Excellence Award (2008)

Seventh Complex - Image of the Week Winner for Dreamscape (2008)

4EVER ART top 100 (2006)

Artists Village Top Art Sites (2006)

Top 100 Art Sites - Surrealism, Fantasy-SF (2006)

Top InterArt (2006)

100 Top Art Sites (2003)

Digital Art Top 100 (2003)

3D Cafe - Award for Suburbs 2100 (2001)

Digital Artworks - Award for Suburbs 2100 (2000)

3D Total - Award for Suburbs 2100 (2000)

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