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A sketch is a brief drawing that roughly represents an idea, or something the artist is looking at. Its execution can range from being drawn very loosely to more refined, and can be done in different art media. Multiple sketches may be drawn of a single idea, or what the artist sees, where each sketch represents a different variation.

The usual purpose of sketching is: 1) to quickly evaluate how an idea will approximately look like if it was made into a finished artwork, 2) to record an idea, or something the artist sees, 3) to practice drawing the main features of something and not paying attention to details, 4) to explore different ideas.

This gallery contains some of my space landscape sketches drawn with graphite, colored pencils and ink. I see the universe as an unimaginably large realm that is virtually unexplored by humanity, and may be stranger than we can possibly imagine.

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      1. Ancient giants
      2. Stellar vista
      3. Endless opposites
      4. Planet scape
      5. Edge of perception
      6. Starry evening
      7. Future bandits
      8. Epsilon hunter
      9. Singular ambience
      10. Vacation on...

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