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astral dimensions with colorful sky
Astral lands ( 1999 • digital • 4000 x 3000 px )

My early attempt at astral art. Here I wanted to illustrate how an astral realm may look like. A serene and beautiful place with pools of peaceful and mysterious gardens. While working on this piece I was reading The Holographic Universe by Michael Talbot. A fascinating book describing the holographic paradime based on the work by the quantum physicist David Bohm and the neuroscientist Karl Pribam. The author presents how the holographic model can be used to explain a whole range of unusual phenomenon like UFO abductions, telepathy, miracles, astral projection, near death experiences, precognition, and many others. One passage that I found to be particularly interesting with regard to astral projection (aka out of body experience) was spherical vision:

"These nonphysical senses are further hampered by the constraints our own self-limiting beliefs place upon them. A number of talented OB travelers have noted that once they became more at home in their second body they discovered that they could "see" in all directions at once without turning their heads. In other words, although seeing in all directions appears to be normal during the OB state, they were so accustomed to believing that they could see only through their eyes - even when they were in a nonphysical hologram of their body - that this belief at fist kept them from realizing that they possessed 360 degree vision."

Back in 2000 this image was on the cover of a Polish edition of the Nexus Magazine. It also appeared in the FREAX - The Brief History of the Computer Demoscene - The Art Album art book.

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Melany from usa wrote:July 19, 2007

It looks like an almost upside down view of a dead world??? rlly cool anywayz. makes me feel like we should b takin more care of earth...

CRACK HEAD MAN from Crackland wrote:May 13, 2007

If I could... I would licks your brain. Seriously. If only I could make art like this. I like how it goes on into forever. The blue stripe in the middle-right portion of the picture... nice.

Dawid Michalczyk wrote:April 27, 2007

I did not project to see this.

anonymous wrote:April 22, 2007

Awesome! did you project to see this?

Andy from USA wrote:June 22, 2005

This picture makes me want to swim through the sky :)

Dr.Nuts wrote:August 6, 2002

The idea here is really awesome. Also love the colors and the surreal composition... would love to float around and just relax there. Good job.

anonymous wrote:November 19, 2001

you Should go to the more beautiful part of the astral plain this is only the deserted part trust me ive been there

anonymous wrote:September 10, 2001

HEEY! Stunning! You must have heard of the real Astral and Causal worlds.

LITTLE DUDE wrote:March 17, 2001


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