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spaceships flying over a base
Intruders detected ( 1996 • digital • 640 x 386 px )

Another of my early sci-fi illustrations that appeared on the CD of the MacFormat magazine back in 1996. Except for the stars and the lava everything was done in the first version of Bryce. At that time I had a Mac, a Performa 5200 with 12MB of RAM and a 75Mhz 603 PPC CPU, which was much faster at 3D rendering than the equivalent Pentium. The fast CPU was actually the main reason why I bought a Mac instead of an Amiga. Initially I wanted to buy another Amiga with the new MC68060 CPU but they were too expensive and not as fast for rendering. All in all, the Mac was a good buy although the operating system was quite unstable.

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