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sci-fi wallpaper - mine on another planet with spaceships
Colony ( 1996 • digital • 4000 x 3000 px )

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Future mining colony on a faraway alien planet... I worked on this Sci-fi image for several weeks, mostly after school and during weekends back in the mid 90's. I submitted it to a computer graphics competition at The Party'96. Unfortunately it ranked very low, at 94'th place. I was quite disappointed as I thought it deserved a much better ranking. The good thing was that Colony turned out to be a popular Sci-Fi wallpaper and I received many fan emails from people around the world. And in 1997 this image was featured in a Polish computer graphics magazine GFX.

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Jim from USA wrote:December 22, 2008

Whish i could do something like this! but alas, i can't. I like them!!!

Ro from UK wrote:March 26, 2008

This is an awesome image I love the... well, I love everything! How do you make these pictures? They are ultra cool!

john from U.S.A wrote:February 26, 2008

great work

n/a from Canada wrote:January 12, 2008

u r awesome. nuf said

Calvin Orosa from Australia wrote:December 10, 2007

Hey Dawid this is Calvin Orosa from Sydney, Australia. I would just like to say that your work is undescribable. It is flawless. unique and well expressed.

I was wondering. Your work is mostly based on futuristic galaxies and other planets. Perhaps creating a slide show of your pictures with music from "DAFT PUNK" would be quite the show =). Daft Punk if you do not know whot they are, (you probably know them) are an incredible dj duo that make electro house techno trance futuristic music . iFf you download a song called "Around The World - Daft Punk" you'll see what i mean :P. Anyways just a suggestion.

I just think your masterpieces deserve some incredible music to go with it.

Once again Dawid, truly brilliant work. I would pay to watch you make these. seriously. Take care. Good luck with your career.

Tony Wycihowski from United States wrote:November 7, 2007

I was woundering if you could creat strereo scope of this pictuer. That is render second image that is 2 1/2 inc more to right of this picture? I bet this would make a great 3d Stereo picture! Good work. Then with two picture one for each eye you would see even more depth and it would look cool!

Gary from USA wrote:June 10, 2007

please post some of yopur art on renderosity.com and show them what a REAL digital artist is. excellent work

r kirby wrote:January 5, 2007

wow one of my favourites how do you do it, if I could write as well as you can draw I'd be very rich and very happy, well done keep going.
Rachael kirby

Bob from USA wrote:August 26, 2006

I I think it's beautifully done, and as I am a person mezmorized by the f future and space travel, I am very fortunate to have found this site.
Thank you

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