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3D picture - merc robot battle
Robowar ( 1996 • digital • 2000 x 1147 px )

This 3D picture was inspired by a Lightwave advertisement in the Computer Graphics World magazine from 1995. It had this really cool merc robot in it. I liked it so much that I took the page out and hanged it on my wall. I still have that page in my art reference binder.

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rachael kirby from uk wrote:August 29, 2010

love it can see this image in my next book.

Ben Pszczolkowski from Australia wrote:March 19, 2010

You can't stop the future.

nic from uk wrote:November 16, 2007

its super cool

ICE from usa wrote:June 19, 2007

Looks like mars to me.

m.j . from s.korea wrote:March 15, 2007

it`s awesome~~

juliasdad23 from USA wrote:May 18, 2006

Looks like you copied Robo cop and the Simsons, then combined the two.

F4ll_ouT from Germany wrote:August 17, 2005

Hmh nice pic but the fog on the ground looks...simple^^

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