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Cheerful structure ( 2011 • digital • 7200 x 4906 px )
cheerful abstract art
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It was real fun to make with all the vibrant colors and angular structures. I find such colors uplifting to look at :)

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Dawid Michalczyk wrote:February 16, 2011

Thanks :) I never tried crossing my eyes when looking at artwork. An interesting idea. I think this one is among my favorite from the abstract gallery. I especially like the colors and the way they are scattered across the whole structure. Everything just flows in some unusual way..

sunil deshpande from India wrote:February 16, 2011

amazing image here, may be a 3D !!, when I tried to see this image
by doing my eyes so narrow,(=) it looks that some two peoples are in seating position and making pictures. and it looks like sometime they are playing the instruments in the orchestra. image is so nice really I am truly appreciating this image. (you just look this image by doing your eyes too narrow, you will find something miracle in this image.

thanks Dawid.

vingummi from se wrote:February 9, 2011


Antoine from Canada wrote:February 8, 2011

Amazing Mark! You have such talent, it's wonderful!

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