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surreal painting of a man Expanding perception   
Medium: digital
Year: 2005




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taurus82 from England wrote:March 19, 2008

Would somebody please do a PS3 theme, the PS3 community needs your incredible talents.

Rhiannon from NZ wrote:June 26, 2007

i like this picture, very unique style to it, looks like the figure is coming out of the painting, great work. hope you dont mind, im going to use you as an artist model for art at school.

Conrath from Kilikon wrote:February 27, 2007

I adore this particular work of art, very appealing. There are many aspects here that may not seem obvious, but your construction of the artwork brings it forcefully into exsistance and gives us viewers a glimpse before it can run and go back into hideing. I say the geatest aspect is trying to find that construct, that basic feeling, after viewing it for the first time.

city nomad wrote:February 7, 2007

Shows the haphazard process of liberation from the massive distortion contemporary culture imposes on the mind. The blackness being the mental prison induced by norms of society. A powerful image.

kkullin from eire wrote:January 12, 2007

it has a fiendish quality;of one with a demented chakra

Charlie Glass from USA wrote:November 13, 2006

It all reminds me of myself...

Adam from his inner mind wrote:December 2, 2005

I like the concept, a man who has changed his visions of life and how that changes him in return. It relates to how I feel right now, like I've broken a barrier of thought and entered another dimension of possibilities. Perfect work.

Mike from US wrote:September 22, 2005

This is outstanding, very nice work. I'd like to use this as an album cover for my upcoming CD.. but alas, that probably will cost me money.

crhis from usa wrote:September 8, 2005

kicks ass!

Andy from USA wrote:June 22, 2005

The phrase "amorphous solidity" comes to mind. I quite like it.

bob robinson from USA wrote:May 22, 2005

somewhat repulsive looking,no matter what the interpretation.

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