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Title: Endless opposites ( 2006 • digital • 6000 x 4088 px )
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surreal art image, duality art, symbolic
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The perplexity of duality... Good cannot exist without evil; happiness without sadness; wrong without right. The perplexity deepens upon the realization that every action contains both positive and negative aspects. Every positive action has negative consequences, just as every negative action has positive consequences. And it's all a matter of perspective.

This surreal image is on the cover of the 2006 French edition of Robert Silverberg's novel "In another country".

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Sss from Pakistan wrote:March 10, 2012

no words to explain the feeling it creates makes me dream

Scott Houdek from United States wrote:November 27, 2011

"where i, am i????"

Wagner from America wrote:September 30, 2011

It's round isn't it?

sunil from india wrote:May 20, 2011

very nice, Dawid,
infact man is playing a game on the world's large chess board with the life he is holding. cute painting. :)

Laura from US wrote:April 13, 2011

This is astonishing! I can not explain how much I enjoyed looking at your artwork. Your work is mystifying.

Chris from US wrote:March 27, 2011

I cant think of words that would do justice to your artwork.

Morton from US wrote:February 3, 2011

Excellent idea and execution!

John from UK wrote:June 15, 2009


mike odom from usa wrote:December 18, 2008

Simply fantasic, very vivid art , amazing imagination, you have a style of your own.Where is your work located ?

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