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Space landscape sketch 170310 ( 2017 • colored pencil, ink • 15 x 10 cm )
Blue ice spikes landscape sketch
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1 April 2017 • I continue to sketch and have uploaded some of the new space landscape sketches to the gallery. Because I enjoy sketching just as much as doing finished artwork, I have been experimenting with different color pencils and papers. I want to determine the ideal combination of pencils and paper. Since I do a lot of sketching, these materials need to be relatively low cost. But at the same time their quality should be sufficiently good for my needs.

Recently I bought the Faber Castell Eco pencils which are unusually good for their price. They contain more pigment than the similarly priced Staedtler Noris Club pencils, and are also smoother to draw with.

Paperwise, I prefer smoother papers that are not too thin. By using thicker papers I can draw on both sides and save in paper costs. So far, my favorite paper is Winsor & Newton Smooth Cartridge 220gsm. But since there are so many different papers on the market, my search for the ideal sketching paper is far from over.

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