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dream landscape image calming surreal afternoon surreal land with flying birds and sun relaxing sky with clouds great for meditation ambient CD cover
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surreal land with flying birds and sun
Free flights ( 2001 • digital • 2600 x 975 px )
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lincolm from Brazil wrote:January 21, 2012

something never before seen pictures somewhere but put a compelling world, I can say that his art is "encantadora".

Piers from Australia wrote:April 18, 2010

Great work, it really promps deep feelings in the psyche...

taurus82 from England wrote:March 19, 2008

These image sent a shiver down my spine.

Beth from Australia wrote:March 5, 2008

hi there, just letting you know your art is brilliant, It is very simmilar to the work my uncle used to do before he passed away, very inspirational...just what I need :) thanks!

matt from wales wrote:March 7, 2007

wow.these sorts of images can open even the most tightly shut mind.i love works like these... brilliance!

fatah from algeria wrote:December 27, 2006

out of the unreal .this exists in heaven

ruin wrote:October 8, 2006

I love it. Very sureal, it gives a feeling a permanant desolation and yet the warm feeling of home.

ultrafeel.tv from Switzerland wrote:July 15, 2006

Wow - relaxing, meditative; yet very powerful!

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