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dream landscape image
see larger image   Dreamscape ( 2002 • digital • 7000 x 5013 px )
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In early 2010, a high school student from Spain selected this image to do a project about it and asked me for my interpretation and the source of inspiration. I replied:

Thanks for the compliments :) As for the Dreamscape artwork, I did it long time ago (about 8 years) so I don't remember the source of the inspiration. Usually I get an idea, start working on it and the image just evolves. Often the image evolves so much that the original idea is no longer there. This is fine as long as I like the direction in which the creative process is taking me. I see Dreamscape as an escape to a dreamlike fantasy world. Perhaps a pleasant spot in the astral dimension where one can float mid-air, relax and enjoy the surroundings while listening to favorite ambient music.

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t dogg from canada wrote:October 1, 2009

this picture is absolutley beautiful, it is something that comforts you. when you see it that ray of light it just shines upon you like you could swim in the clouds....: )

ZeBADIAH from USA wrote:May 8, 2009

wow now thats graphic art righ there people this guy is an icon

eyliphca from germany wrote:November 24, 2008

Really fantastic work" and very inspireing! love this one!

anonymous wrote:January 10, 2008

This makes me feel like I am tipping overrrrrrrrrrrr. AAAh!

DaVid from Holland wrote:May 8, 2007

you can create an image with feelings in it, draw and create an perfect image of a dreamlandscape...
i think you have some kind of gift for this

the_demigod from Poland wrote:January 23, 2007

the "vertical water and little moonlets with trees" is a much more freakish (positively) pic--it messes with your sense of balance IMMEDIATELY

anonymous wrote:January 12, 2007

your art is amazing. this one makes me a little uneasy because my brain wants the water to be horizontal and the rock spires vertical, so not real calming but still its beautiful.

dr scruning from usa wrote:December 12, 2006

this image is a greate exaple of digital imaging and shows how tecnoligy is creatng an efect that human would find nerly inposible to create
dr scruning scie fi unervericity of ny

Peter from USA wrote:July 10, 2006

This is really relaxing... After looking at it for a while I feel calm and at ease.

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