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mysterious landscape in late afternoon
Numinous place ( 2004 • digital • 6000 x 3776 px )

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This mysterious landscape art is dedicated to J. Stephenson and M. Hillier. Two musicians responsible for the Alien mutation vs Indigo egg - MicrocosMacrocosm ambient music album. I have been enjoying this album immensely since the late 90's and never got tired of it. The music starts kind of uninteresting, but then things gradually change and the last tracks are simply wonderful...

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stollings from U.S.A wrote:November 14, 2009

its fantastic wish i could wallpaper on my phone

Luke from United States wrote:September 11, 2007

This pic takes me to a new world, like something that you can't reach in this world! It's indescribably amazing!

thule from usa wrote:April 16, 2007

this would make an excellent wallpaper

fatah from akgeria wrote:December 27, 2006

holly heaven it is like my vivid dreams

Justin from USA wrote:August 26, 2006

you know it almost looks like something crashed. the way the metal/stone seems to cling to the beams (particularly center-right) gives the impression that the objects that dominate the foreground are artificial.

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