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red surreal fantasy bryce picture
Red lake ( 1996 • digital • 638 x 291 px )

One of my early attempts at creating a surreal fantasy landscape. It was rendered using the first version of Bryce on a 75Mhz PPC Mac with 8Mb of RAM, which back in the mid 1990s was a really fast personal computer.

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MG from New Zealand wrote:July 20, 2009

Reminds my flatmate of a river of blood. Without the glint of a star it'd be pretty damn morbid but as someone else said its the details that pull it off. nice

Leda from States wrote:December 16, 2007

Deliciously warm and peaceful. Changed my mood instantly to positive. Thank you.

Marion from uk wrote:June 5, 2006

I want to swim in the redness. It is intoxicating, I feel like I would step out onto Mars. It's beautiful.

msospreywoman from USA wrote:May 29, 2006

I like it, It's shows the red river calmness and it's beauty as well as it's relections of the carving and differnitions of the mountains reflected in it's waters. The gleam of light that comes from the light tail bird. I am reminded of the poems :"Come sit with me by the Red River and watch the glitter of the Light Tails Birds."
I like this picture. It is a state of understanding.

Adam wrote:December 2, 2005

When I look at it, my first reaction is, "This is pretty gloomy." But then when I notice all the details...The rocks in the background change as you trace them to the right, almost metamorphing into some kind of trees; and how the rock in the front, if viewed correctly, looks like some sort of majestic creatute...it makes me think about how easily someone can take a glance at something or someone and prejudge them for what they really are.

Anne from USA wrote:September 21, 2005

I imagine this is what a sunrise on the surface of Mars would look like. Eerie yet enthralling at the same time

Legin from Canada wrote:June 27, 2005

I could be mistaken because I have pinkeye right now so all I see is red.

Nigel from Canada wrote:June 27, 2005

A river in hell?

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