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Sunrise seen from planet surface galaxy art and three planets A very moody space planet scape. foggy shores on another planet cosmic art - blue planet with two moons and sunset
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A very moody space planet scape.
Ancient ruins

Creation year: 2000     Medium: digital     Dimensions: 3456 x 1296 px

I really like the atmosphere here - the soft, diffused light on the sky coming from the sun below the horizon. The ruins being remnants of an ancient civilization... somewhere in the universe.

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Dawid Michalczyk wrote:July 5, 2013

@Larry Thanks :) Currently I don't have any plans about providing hi-res images. Perhaps in the future I will do that. In the mean time the FREE section contains several hi-res desktop wallpapers.

Larry from USA wrote:July 5, 2013

Hi David Love your work.
Is there any way you will be making Higher Resolutions for HD Screens? 1920 X 1080.
I would love to use as wallpaper without having to fit to screen.
Like all of your work.

Emiesha Zentas from Camieshea wrote:September 26, 2008

I think I flew by there on my way to Earth.

Calvin Orosa from Australia wrote:November 23, 2007

David i have just wondered have you ever played a game..it's called Final Fantasy X. You look like your the one who designed the art in it. Well anyway i'd just like to say that if you were god our universe would be a hell lot more beautiful.

Also i'd like to live in a place like that one day. That is my dream. That is my nirvana. That is my heaven

fatah from algeria wrote:December 27, 2006

magistic .all those photos aren't enough for me

SalihHabeeb from IRAQ-Baghdad wrote:November 26, 2006

Beautiful, really beautiful, I loved the work and the idia, both are great.

elkhalil wrote:October 13, 2005

I love this very much, colours lights and style, a touch of a gifted artist, bravo

Levitan from norway wrote:August 18, 2005

wery good pic

anonymous wrote:May 7, 2003

Very Nice! I like the whole mystical ancient ruins idea.

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