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Sunrise seen from planet surface galaxy art and three planets A very moody space planet scape. foggy shores on another planet cosmic art - blue planet with two moons and sunset
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foggy shores on another planet
Million years away

Creation year: 1999     Medium: digital     Dimensions: 4766 x 1946 px

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This image has been created using both Bryce and Photoshop. It is on the cover of Martha Rabbit's Pyrrhogaster electronic synthesizer music in the 'Berlin School' style.

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Obi-Wan from A galaxy far, far, away wrote:April 1, 2007

Nicely done, young padawan.

fatah from algeria wrote:December 27, 2006

it looks like where i wanna live and die in peace

anonymous wrote:September 10, 2006

nice landscape and beatiful planets.

anonymous wrote:February 21, 2002

Wow! This is certainly my favorite image in your gallery! This time I just cant make anything bad to say about it...cause there aint no mistakes in this one! This just simply struck me! I cant stop staring at the fog...and the terrain...and the sun...and the big

anonymous wrote:October 9, 2001

My two and a half year old son uses the term Scifi whenever he sees something cool (As well as a ringed planet

anonymous wrote:September 11, 2001

PERFECTION. I love hot weather. I want to go exploring

kitty wrote:March 3, 2001

I wannna go there, its very preety.

Yeechi Chen wrote:August 29, 2000

I like the way you did your sun, it actually makes my eyes hurt. If you want to take that as a compliment. Also, I have figured that this is all computer graphics, but what program do you use for your pictures?

anonymous wrote:June 16, 2000

I really like all of your work and would like to know more about the stuff you have done.

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