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colorful space landscape, moon, stars
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colorful space landscape, moon, stars
Space landscape

Creation year: 1995     Medium: digital     Dimensions: 640 x 407 px

One of the very first space landscape images I did in the mid 1990s. Back then I was using a 75Mhz 603 PPC PowerMac with 8Mb of RAM. Which was a very fast personal computer, especially for 3D rendering. I rendered the image in Bryce 1, including the moon, and pixelled the stars in Color It 2.3.

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Todd from USA wrote:July 23, 2013

You are amazingly talented!I have to believe that somewhere in Space and Time or the infinite that these worlds you create actually exist, and you bring them to us!

Bob from Canada wrote:March 5, 2011

Man's hope

Alecxander from Ukraine wrote:February 17, 2011

Cool I only use Cinema 4D and Bryce.

Dawid Michalczyk wrote:February 1, 2011

I use mainly Bryce, 3DS MAX and Photoshop.

Alecxander from Ukraine wrote:January 31, 2011

So do you use bryce in all your pictures? Or do you also use Cinema 4D?

President People from The Galactic Empire wrote:January 26, 2011

Reminds me of the Moon landscape from Marathon 2; I think it's the diagonal spires.

Douglas V. Diaz from Moreno Valley, California, USA wrote:February 5, 2010

This reminds me of Team Dark in Sonic Heroes and the awesome band Julien K!

almarin from albania wrote:September 19, 2009


NATURELLE from alberta wrote:August 30, 2009


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