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space landscape in the orion system
Orion system

Creation year: 1996     Medium: digital     Dimensions: 7000 x 2690 px

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Space art is the art genre that is based on the knowledge and theories associated with outer space. I got first attracted to space art in the early 90's thanks to an astronomy book I bought. A few years later I found some space art galleries on the web and got greatly inspired. Not much later I started doing my own space images. To me, perhaps the most fascinating aspect of space art is the wonder it evokes. The often colorful and thought provoking space imagery makes me think of the countless unexplored worlds out there.

In this early space image I illustrate how I imagine a landscape on one of the planets from the orion system.

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JANET from zUNI wrote:August 18, 2009


sabrina from USA wrote:April 23, 2009

Beautiful picture.
Space art is so gorgeous. It takes you to a different world.

Juana from United States wrote:March 11, 2009

Its looks like its not hot nor cold here. It has a peaceful calmness about it. I would visit this planet if it was real.

Bindesh from India wrote:October 2, 2008

God where are you? take me to this place

amaury from usa wrote:February 12, 2008

i like ya pics !!!!!!!!!!!

anonymous wrote:July 27, 2002

Looks like some place Id want to live!! I hate the heat... Its a truly mesmerizing picture!! =)

anonymous wrote:September 11, 2001

VERY ROMANTIC! I want to spend my honeymoon here! It looks cool

anonymous wrote:September 11, 2001

Anonymous can stick his/her comment up her/his...rear end. I think no I KNOW it is a beautiful piece.Terrific.

anonymous wrote:August 8, 2001

This picture looks like something I would bring up after too many cones and too much alcohol. In other words it really sucks.

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