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Space art with ringed blue planet
Distant system ( 2010 • digital • 7000 x 4770 px )

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I was watching Carl Sagan's Cosmos documentary, and there is a beautiful galaxy in one of the episodes which inspired me to do this space landscape. Initially I painted a large galaxy above the landscape. Unfortunately the galaxy looked different (terrible, actually) on the LCD screen I have here at home (I use CRT for all art work) and even tweaking the colors did not help. I got discouraged and decided to do a large Saturn like planet instead. Nevertheless I'm quite happy with the final result.

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leigh ann from new zealand wrote:June 15, 2012

WOW!It is fabulies

retepk from Australia wrote:October 1, 2011

Stunning artwork.

Dawid Michalczyk wrote:September 29, 2011

Thank you :)
I'm a big fan of Jonn Serrie - his music is wonderful. The "And the Stars Go with You" and "Planetary Chronicles Volume 1" albums are my favorite.

Nathalie from France wrote:September 28, 2011

Hello Dawid,

I'm listening to Jonn Serrie space music as i'm looking your art.
i feel like an impression of space (sorry for my english)
But ...
let me say in french : C'EST SUPERBE !!!!
That exoplanet spacescape probably exists !!!



Adrian from US wrote:September 19, 2011

Wonderful! Your work is astonishing. It inspires me.

Emily from NZ wrote:February 6, 2011

these space images are extremely good! very nice work.

Tim from UK wrote:November 14, 2010

It reminds me a bit of one Chesley Bonestell painting. Great work!

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