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sci-fi illustration - future air car, flying vehicles see larger image
X2 flight ( 2003 • digital • 4000 x 1500 px )

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Future air cars. In this Sci-Fi illustration the concept was to create a more unique design of an air vehicle and show it in action. I like the idea of the mechanics being partly visible as it adds to the complexity and visual richness of the vehicle while making it more real through its apparent functionality. The city lights at the horizon make the image more futuristic and dimensional by creating additional depth. The landscape was done in Bryce and the vehicles were painted in Photoshop.

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fox from Switzerland wrote:October 4, 2008

Another amazing work! Makes me actually relax!

leili from iran wrote:August 10, 2008

its very beautiful,i wish ican see that days are full of this cars

Pikachu from Atlantis wrote:April 23, 2008

AMAZING AND WICKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

alain from united state wrote:February 6, 2008

it nice

Dan from I wrote:January 6, 2008

I stared at your X2 Flight image for 15 minutes, trying to be the guy in that aircraft - images like yours make me want to go into science again and create the things I've always dreamed of having our world filled with.

Dawid Michalczyk wrote:November 17, 2007

I think you are right that some of my images, especially the older ones, have water in them that is too reflective. But sometimes water surface can have a mirror like quality. Especially in the image above. Seen from a distance the ripples are not visible and the late evening lighting would make the water look very reflective.

I also believe I am free artist. I do not copy other artists or follow popular trends or designs. I do what I feel is right for each image to look its best, and always introduce enough of my ideas to any artwork to make it unique and original.

Thanks for your thoughts Damian :)

thedarkblad3 from Germany wrote:November 17, 2007

hey dawid
i like your art so much because thats exactly what id like to do.
if i would have the money i would donate you and buy your paintings as posters - there is no sense to have a wallpaper you wont see anytime because your always in some programs or games ;) well but there is one thing i want to put stress on and that is the water you use: it is to clean it is like a perfekt mirror even if it is sourrounded by earth and slum - but it causes nice effects either - so do your art how its in your mind not! The worst an FREE artist can do is, if he wants to bee in the mainstream and sell as much as possible!
nice wishes from germany
Damian Bast

Dawid Michalczyk wrote:March 26, 2007

Gary, I used to share all my images as hi-res wallpapers for several years... and look what happened:

I started to see parts of my images, cut out, appear in other "artists" work; I've seen people earning money from my images without giving anything back; I've seen my signature replaced by somebody else's; there was even a person who claimed to be the true author of all my artwork and wanted to sue me.

These are the unfortunate side effects when you share too much. I've learned from my mistakes. Now I share just enough for everybody to see my work, but not enough to exploit it.

I know my fans enjoy and respect my work, and understand the amount of effort I put into it. They show their support by buying my images as
posters or prints. Some make donations. I appreciate their support deeply.

I realize that many people prefer computer wallpapers to posters or prints. I therefore started looking into how I can provide hi-resolution wallpapers for a small fee. I also expect to start a subscription service, where the subscriber will have access to my artwork in the form of hi-resolution wallpapers for a period of one year. With the exception of some of my older work, I can provide any type of resolution for any computer screen.

So, soon I will be offering a lot of visual pleasure for your desktop :)

Gary Sablan from Guam wrote:March 24, 2007

I wish I had an artist hand as you do. Your art is so realistic. Though, what you lack is an inner art. The art of sharing your pictures(desktop wallpaper size) for us fans to take into our own and adore.

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