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An abstract Expressionism snapshot of a purely visual perception of a symphonic concert... abstract digital painting of ancient thought abstract future machine mechanics contemporary expressionism abstract artwork mystic breeze

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Mechanics 3000 ( 2004 • digital • 6942 x 4320 px )
abstract future machine mechanics
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Biological mechanics of the year 3000.

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Lourdes Lainez from USA wrote:September 3, 2009

Awesome! Now this is art. I have enjoyed looking at all your art. It makes me feel like I'm looking into space. Kudos!!!

I.C. Weiner from Kazakhstan wrote:September 18, 2007

This picture is pubeeeeeez

Vechtersbaas(nicname) from Holland(The Netherlands) wrote:September 14, 2007

Nice !!!

Feeral from Sweden wrote:March 11, 2007

i like this one...

Don Tindale from UK wrote:August 14, 2006

Intriguing. The shapes have an illusion of function which I spent some time trying to work out before eventually giving up. As I assume you don't mind, I've downloaded the image for my collection. I often run slideshows on my monitor from my collection instead of watching the idiot box in the corner of my living room. I have no web site and will not exploit your work. Regards.

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