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skybox 15 ( 2001 • digital )
skybox sky

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Vimana from Australia wrote:June 28, 2007

This is a very nice image and I feel like Im waking up in another galaxy. The colour relationships are harmonious and you have the golden mean. Very beautiful..

Empyrion from Romania wrote:June 12, 2007

very nice image, primarily because the colors fit together very well, plus, the glow around the star gives you a nice feeling, like when it is morning and you wake up in peace with nature. It is also nice to see the galaxies behind... my guess is that the atmosphere is quite rarrified, and if this is true, then whoever created the entire skybox did a good job.

muyajedinx from Bolivia wrote:May 11, 2006

this is somethong that makes yo uthink about God and creation I like this section very much

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