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Door 09 ( 2000 • digital )
scifi door texture

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Dawid Michalczyk wrote:October 20, 2011

@Marcio Freire
Thanks Marcio, but the textures are not available as prints, as the resolution is way too low for printing.

Marcio Freire from Brasil wrote:October 20, 2011

I liked a lot !!! i would like to print and put as a sticker on my door that mesures 2,10 x 0,70 meters do you sell the vector of this door ?

Zeoxile from Uk wrote:October 8, 2007

these textures are amazing.

how did you make these.

they look like there HD / Realistic

Evan from USA wrote:October 26, 2006

This is the best texture that i have EVER seen it would be really nice if you could do for free.

ANDI from GERM wrote:December 9, 2005


Eddie Tanović from Bosnia wrote:October 16, 2005

Hey man, your, justa, GREAT, GREAT, GREAT, GREAT!
Your art is realy...ammazing, and I donīt know what else to say.
Why donīt you giving for free? Worst much, much worst sci-fi textures are gold-priced!

P.S: Keep on doing that REALY COOL art staff!

Greetings from Sarajevo

Art and Illustration Studio.


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