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Surreal pilgrim painting with pyramid surreal tranquility, bird, water mystical surreal serenity water pool, plants, planets, realm surreal landscape light storm astral dimensions with colorful sky
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surreal tranquility, bird, water
Forgotten times ( 2000 • digital )

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Eudoxia from U.S. wrote:December 10, 2009

The bubbles almost seem to represent the tar-like substance everything was eventually reduced to. It's as if reading between the lines of time into a pool someplace far away where creation still dreams of what it once was.

Martin from USA wrote:November 5, 2008

I like it. It would be cool to just sit there and enjoy the view.

Calvin Orosa from Australia wrote:September 15, 2008

This masterpeice is so engaging that it makes me feel as if i'm being enclosed and suffocated by it's awe

corkscrew man from splatgoestheeggs wrote:August 1, 2008

Do you mind if I build a house there becase it looks a very nice place to live.

Lisa from Australia wrote:July 12, 2007

forgotten times: very balanced and carming. Great use of warm colours. Unique combination of different images. Love it!

anonymous wrote:August 23, 2006

It' very nice. I saw it Korean's blog. It's very popular pic.

anonymous wrote:August 11, 2006

its like a world you can't get out of very nice!

anonymous wrote:August 20, 2001

Forgotten times... I forgot everything when I saw this pic. And you know it seems to inspire something alot deeper than just awe. A sensory overload!

anonymous wrote:June 12, 2001

...Turn the monitor upsidedown...Turn the monitor upsidedown again...Turn the monitor upsidedown again...Turn the monitor upsidedown again...Turn the monitor upsidedown again...DEHEHIHOHU!!! Nice pic!

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