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military robot design
Military robot b

Creation year: 2003     Medium: digital    

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Kelly from Scotland UK wrote:August 4, 2012

Just wait till you see them walking around, oh wait you will in Scotland UK, already built a more advance model of the actual picture and it's a finished robot

Kelly Carter from Scotland wrote:August 4, 2012

Too simple I have already built one as a small project, I used this to model the design, luckily the army don't know about it, but my one is controlled by a machine that I control, I'm no where ne'er the robot, the robot has a head with a camera :) it took a while to make (4.75)

james from uk wrote:November 18, 2010

sweet tried to copy 4 school project, too complex

Zeb from usa wrote:May 8, 2009

very very neat man

Simon from US wrote:October 8, 2008

Nice, like the way it looks, really cool, only downside is that if implemented into an actual design, the support connecting the upper and lower body masses is not as strong as it could be

Mr. Grizzly from United States wrote:August 30, 2008

Very cool, you give the imagination a lot to work with. The attention to detail is magnificent! After all your work I've seen, if you aren't able to become rich selling your art, it is a sad world we live in indeed.

Victor from Turkey wrote:May 4, 2006

Here another one... Smells mass production, invasion, an heartless greedy war of authority! It feels like their existence depends on war, even they win or loose. Because they cannot make anything else but fight. Sans head, sans will, as a perfect soldier or war machine. Also hot desert camouflage feels like they have wiped out the nature for an endless war. I really appreciate the work. Great job man...

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