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Relay station complex ( 2002 • digital )
relay station complex on a dark planet with moons
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Dawid Michalczyk wrote:January 24, 2007

Let me clarify the origins of this image. The "Relay station complex" is one of the concepts I did for the Unreal 2 PC game. Concepts are depictions of certain game ideas, and get created during the pre-production phase. The purpose of a concept is to see how some part of a game (an environment for example) can look like without building that part of level first (which is very time consuming). Once a concept has been approved, it is then passed to a level designer who starts building the game level based on the concept. Therefore, the finished level looks very similar to the above concept. In other words, this image was done for Unreal 2, but is not a screenshot from the game.

the_demigod from Poland wrote:January 23, 2007

Its not U2--if it was it would be a combination of 2 different maps (mining complex and the thingy with the long bridge access road). Amazing graphics.

Pedro from Portugal wrote:January 16, 2007

Is this a Picture from the game Unreal 2????

Don Tindale from UK wrote:August 14, 2006

Beautifully conceived alien location. Love this.

Nick from USA wrote:June 5, 2005

This is top quality film work. You should be working at ILM or Dream Works or on the future Alien movies... Awesome wrok!

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