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gnomes intro pic for a floppy
Utilities ( 1993 • digital • 320 x 240 px )

This one is among the very first digital images I made - a utilities logo with two gnomes. It was to be used as an intro picture for an Amiga 500 floppy disk with utilities. Done in 1993 on Amiga 600 computer (which I had upgraded to a 10Mhz MC68010 CPU and 2MB RAM) using 32 colors at 320 x 240 and pixelled in Deluxe Paint 4. Back then, the screen resolution and the number of colors available was much smaller compared to today. The most common screen resolution today is 1366 x 768 with millions of colors available.

In the beginning, I did much of my artwork by literally placing pixels next to each other one at a time until they formed the desired shape or object. 320 x 240 = 76800 pixels to fill up - that's a lot of mouse clicking! My nickname at the time was BFE which I later changed to 3D Addict.

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Albert from California wrote:February 27, 2012

Smurfs On Shrooms!! All Of Your Art Is Cool Dawid Don't Let Anyone Tell You Otherwise

Francois from USA wrote:January 7, 2011

Of course it's not going to be anything complex. It converts simplicity into art.

Dawid Michalczyk wrote:May 6, 2010

reaper: considering this is one of my first pics created using only 32 colors, I think the results are pretty good.

reaper from south carolina wrote:May 4, 2010

no offense or anything but this pic is horable. u looks like two old bronze smerfs on drugs.

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