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colorful psychedelic art poster, hallucinogenic image
Psychedelic dimensions ( 2008 • digital • 7000 x 4600 px )

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I was thinking for some time about doing a cool psychedelic picture. Eventually I decided to dedicate a whole weekend to it and initiated the process one Friday afternoon. It was time for another atmospheric journey.

To get myself in the mood I started by listening to one of my favorite psychedelic ambient albums "Mystical experiences" by "The Infinity Project". It's one of those classic down tempo ambient albums that gets you out there... not exactly to the Sound becomes color and color becomes sound dimension, but to a certain unique state of mind that is under heavy influence of the music.

So while absorbing all those enigmatic trance vibes, I started getting ideas how to create a hallucinogenic like picture. After exploring several concepts I set for a visual fusion of colorful waves and organic patterns engaged in a spiral movement toward a source of light. Later I added several orbs to create a greater sense of depth and motion. It all ended up working quite well.

Also see this psychedelic landscape and Edge of perception I did recently. By the way, there is a great series of Psychonautica podcasts by Max Freakout at dopefiend.co.uk about everything psychedelic.

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anonymous from canada wrote:June 14, 2012

this is so trippy i love it

KATE HATHEWAY from USA wrote:February 28, 2011


Bianka Daizy Bishop from England wrote:February 5, 2009

Oh my Gosh this piece is great! i love it! its inspired me to make images like that! thanks for making them! =]

Psychedelic from Bulgaria wrote:December 31, 2008

This piece of artwork is amazing ... I really enjoy watching those psychedelic pictures. They send me into another realm. 10x for creating them. :)

Emiesha Zentas from Camieshea wrote:October 2, 2008

Dawid Michalczyk, That a cool name. You have realy cool pictures too!! I want them! I WANT THEM ALL!!!!!!!!!

hi! wrote:July 9, 2008

this is so beutiful! i love it. it makes me feel happy and jumpy.

anonymous wrote:June 30, 2008

omg this is amazing :)

matthew from USA wrote:May 25, 2008

Great piece of artwork beautiful, creative, and ambiant. Its like a celestial vortex. I love the dimmensions. You did a great job, your a great artist.

Vingummi from Sweden wrote:May 14, 2008

The colours are sweet in this one.

btw, i recently installed Unreal 2 (Nice Graphics) :)

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