Fantastic visions video
Fantastic Visions - new art video
6 March 2011

Since Cosmic Voyage is such a great success with over 32 000 views on YouTube, I decided to make a new and better video showcasing my artwork. It took me about a week to create, and despite long rendering times it was great fun to make. I rendered a few animations based on some of my 3D images and included them in the video. To spice things up a bit I also did a few cool effects - as an extra eye candy boost :) The wonderful music was composed by Anosphere.

It was fun to make but the whole process reminded me why I don't do animations. The rendering time takes forever. Just to give you an example, the first animation sequence in the video, the one with the "Fantastic Visions" sign, is only 15 seconds long but took over 12 hours to render at 640 x 480 resolution on my 3Ghz dual core CPU. Then I always need to tweak something and start rendering again... Fortunately the other 3D scenes didn't take that long. May you enjoy this one :) You can see the video on YouTube as well.

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