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The effect of the recession...
3 October 2010

Yesterday I have been looking at my statistics from the last few years. Although the recession made a huge impact on the numbers, there are other disturbing trends.

Since the recession started, my traffic gradually declined from an average of 2500 visitors a day to 1300. My sales suffered the most and my overall online income went down to about 20%. While the frequency of image commeting went down from an average of 23 a month to 8, the comment spam increased several hundred percent. And the click through rate of my email updates has been steadily declining and is now 5-8%.

On the positive side, few of my important keyword rankings went up considerably. And interestingly, although Suburbs 2100 is my most popular image throughout the years, Planet scape continues to be a best seller even during the recession. Overall however, the numbers are depressing. Yet, based on what I hear from other artists, things could have been much worse...

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