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Unsolved Mysteries - UFOs
29 May 2009

In my ongoing search for quality documentary series that are free of hype, sensationalism and annoying editing effect (shaky camera movements, rapid zoom ins/outs, fast forwarding, flashing bright screens between shots and other useless visual pollution) I recently bought the Unsolved Mysteries: UFOs DVD collection. Unsolved Mysteries was a popular TV program investigating real-life mysteries, missing persons, conspiracy theories, unsolved crimes, and unexplained paranormal phenomena like alien abductions, ghosts, and UFOs. The program was hosted by Robert Stack, and was shown from 1987 to 2002. I occasionally watched it during the late 1980s and early 1990s and even taped a few episodes.

In 2004 a "UFOs" DVD set was released which contains all the best UFO segments from the program (26 segments on 4 DVDs, 360 minutes). The Unsolved Mysteries team investigated many famous UFO sightings including the Rendlesham forest incident, Allagash Abductions, Roswell, Area 51, Phoenix lights and many others. I really enjoyed watching all 26 segments, some of which are very captivating. They are all high quality - especially the actual reconstruction of events based on eyewitness testimony is impressive. All stories investigated are presented in a serious, free of sensationalism, and a fairly objective manner. If you are interested in the UFO phenomena you will most likely enjoy watching this UFO DVD collection.

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