Hate mail
22 April 2009

I occasionally receive hate mail from people who strongly dislike that I sell wallpapers. One anonymous coward got so pissed at me recently that he wrote a whole paragraph full of bitching and even managed to call me an A*****E five times. He yelled that all wallpapers on the internet are free and was apparently shocked that mine are not. Well, I'm not the only one selling wallpapers, but the point is that I make a living making pictures so obviously I can't give them all away for free.

Hate mail regarding my textures having a logo on them is almost a weekly occurrence. People want to use them in their games, virtual worlds, websites, etc., with total disregard for copyright. Actually I get about five times as much hate mail as fan mail these days. What a wonderful way of showing appreciation!

It's disturbing that some people don't understand that quality work takes time and effort to produce. Worse yet, they only want to take and never give back. Such people are the nasty parasites, and there are hordes of them online!

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