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22 September 2009

This time I have some miscellaneous news:

Yesterday I have been selected as the Featured Artist of the day at ImageKind. I actually missed seeing this myself, but luckily ImageKind keeps a record of Featured Members. Thank you ImageKind.

Also yesterday I joined Twitter, which is great for posting quick and very small updates. So from now on any brief news or anything else that I find worth sharing will be posted there. Feel free to follow me.

Many months ago I also joined Facebook and Myspace. Although I have not been using them much I plan to be more active there from now on. BTW, the best way to stay updated is to subscribe to my RSS feed and follow my Twitting. I do send out infrequent email updates but unfortunately due to spam and spam filters they are becoming increasingly ineffective. Only 5 - 10% of my 500+ subscribers receive them.

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