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Endless stuff to do...
8 May 2009

I know that some of you are deeply tormented by the fact that I don't add new artwork more often :) Believe me, I do my best to make a living as an independent artist. Making art is the fun part, but there is so much else that needs to be done to actually sell it. Here is most of the back-breaking work I do:

promotion and research - very time consuming and usually boring, sometimes gruesome, but always taxing. This often revolves around reading some marketing "gurus" blogs who are full of it most of the time. Books tend to be far more reliable for this. Currently about half of my time is eaten up by doing online promotion, analyzing stats, improving ranking, endless experimentation and research. But the good news is that I keep getting better at it, so in the future maybe only 10% of my time will be allocated for this grim necessity?

email stuff - customer communication, artists, attention seekers, AMAZING deals for artists (ha, ha..), etc. Sometimes I end up spending a few hours a day in front of my mailbox. Usually it's less than half an hour though, and I try to keep it to a bare minimum.

site maintenance - I often get ideas about new features to add, or need to restructure some code, optimize it, or fix a bug. I don't mind doing this part, I enjoy most of it, but it sure can eat up a lot of time. There is always more code to write!

misc stuff - writing invoices, news posts like this one, contract agreements, license agreements, managing online stores, uploading new artwork, sending out newsletters, + a ton of other stuff that my overheated brain can't recall now.

art stuff - let's not forget the most important and enjoyable part! Typically one image takes me 4-6 days of work. First there is getting into the specific mood of the image and generating ideas, then picking the best ones, then doing preliminary renderings until I arrive at what I like. Finally I do the hi-res version (usually around 7000 pixels wide) so all of you who buy those huge posters I sell can enjoy a crisp and sharp picture on the wall. How is that for a premium service?

My 2do list is currently 1063 lines long of neatly categorized stuff that needs to get done. Even though I constantly delete the done stuff, new stuff keeps creeping inn all the time! This is one of those unsolved mysteries that I yet need to figure it out...

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