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Christmas gifts for the art minded
6 December 2008

As Christmas is approaching you are probably looking for nice presents for friends and family. Well, maybe you can find something artsy enough in my online store:

Posters and framed prints - choose from a wide selection of frames and sizes. See these beautiful examples:

Planet scape

Endless opposites

The executioner

X2 flight

Cosmic shores of the subconscious

Drifting planes

Mousepads - many of my images are available on mousepads. Check this one:

Liquid forms

2009 Wall calendars - I offer different wall calendars from each genre in my gallery. How about the one with space art:

Space art wall calendar

Print your own prints - if you have a good color printer and don't need a large poster, then this is the most cost effective solution. Most of my images can be licensed for non-commercial purposes for only $10 US. Just look for the PayPal button below the gallery image you'd like to license.

Happy shopping and happy holidays!

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