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Article update - Healthy eating habits
23 March 2008

It's been now over 3 years since I wrote the Healthy eating habits article and yesterday I decided it was time for an update. Actually I have been making minor updates to it on a regular basis, but yesterday I went through the whole article and made many small improvements. The core ideas remain the same, I simply improve parts of the article that need better explanation. If you read the article when I first put it online, I recommend that you read it again to get a more complete picture of my recommendations.

Yesterday I also sorted the list of "Things to do or emphasize" from the most to less important. This should be very helpful to those who may be wondering what to start with.

I noticed that nearly 100 sites are linking to this article and looking at my web stats it's the most popular article on Eon Works. I therefore decided to put a date stamp at the top of the article to indicate when the article was updated. Finally, as some people have asked about this after reading the article, here is the quick sauerkraut recipe that I use.

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