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dancing cars
A truly amazing car commercial
21 May 2008

I normally don't post about such things but this Isuzu Gemini car commercial from the 1980s is almost unreal. Yet there is not a single computer animated frame in it. I had to watch it 3 times in a row to fully absorb this work of advertising art (and enjoy the cool 80s music).

I don't think I can even imagine the enormous amount of training that must have went into making this commercial. The most amazing part for me was when the yellow and the red car drive side by side, being very close to each other, and do these amazing turns without coming out of sync (it starts at 2:36). And then there is the "Dancing in Paris" part with those funky car acrobatics on the streets and in the metro... You simply have to watch this:

I hope this video has won awards, it really deserves it.

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