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New license for Non-Commercial use of my artwork
10 October 2007

I regularly receive emails from people asking me if they can use my artwork for non commercial purposes and how much that would cost. Until now I was simply recommending to buy a license which used to be $150 per image. But, paying $150 for an image that you only want to use privately as a wallpaper or a CD cover is very pricey. I therefore decided to change my image licensing policy. I now offer two types or licenses: Non-Commercial @ $10/image, and Commercial @ $100/image.

The Non-Commercial license allows for private/family/educational use of the purchased image(s) in a non commercial manner. The license allows you to use the image(s) as-is and does not permit redistribution. Thus, you can not modify the image(s) itself in any way like changing colors, painting on top of it, or mixing it with other images. You can however put your logo, or other writing, on top of it if used as a CD/DVD cover.

Images sold under this license are available at 2048 pixels wide resolution (or 1536 pixels high if the image is higher than wider), and are 2-3MB each. Such resolution is fine for printing CD/DVD covers or small posters, and high resolution wallpapers. To ensure maximum visual quality every image is stored in a PNG file format.

If you intend to use the purchased image(s) as a wallpaper your can always scale the image down to your preferred screen resolution (though most modern operating systems do this automatically when you set the image as your desktop background).

To order simply go to the gallery and locate the image(s) you like and add them to cart (located below each image). The ordering process is secure and supports all major credit cards. Once your payment has been verified, you will receive via email: a high resolution version of the ordered image(s), a License Agreement document, and an Invoice as proof of your legal right to use the image(s).

The Commercial license is for any project/product that you intend to sell to earn profit. The price starts at $100 US per image and depends on the amount of work I put into making it, and the purpose of its use. To ensure maximum visual quality each image is saved in a PNG file format. Images sold under this license are available at 4000-6000 pixels wide resolution and range in size from 10-90MB. Upon ordering a link will be send to you via email pointing to the hi-res image.

If you'd like to purchase a commercial license, simply send me an email writing which image(s) you are interested in and where/how they will be used. I will then email you back a price within 24 hours. My prices are very flexible depending on purpose and the amount of images you'd like to purchase.

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