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6 quality articles on how to design your art website
5 October 2007

Not too long ago I wrote a post entitled How not to design your art website. That post was inspired by Charley Parker's entertaining blog post describing the state of many artists websites. Now Charley went ahead and wrote a series of really good articles on how to go about creating your website properly. So far there are six articles in the series:

These are all well written and thorough articles. He has worked as a professional web site designer for 12 years and it shows. You won't find here any buzz, hype, or cute quick fix me solutions. The main focus is on learning the fundamentals of the relevant technologies and not getting dependent on any custom solutions that may be easy initially, but eventually prove to be trouble in the long term.

These articles are a great starting point for those artists who want to independently establish a long term, solid online presence without reliance on any third party for "add that new picture for me" or "fix/update that page/feature", etc. With the help of these articles, and practice, you should be able to do all such things yourself, and a lot more. And trust me, in the long term such skills will save you a ton of time, hassle, increase your online visibility and future earning potential.

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