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11 years online!
7 February 2007

Recently it occurred to me that I have been posting my art on the web for at least 11 years now. I can't seem to remember if I first started doing it in 1995 or 1996. In any case it's been an eon in internet time. Out of curiosity I went through my old backups and found some older versions of my sites. They are fun to see. Not only due to the spartan site design, poor writing style and typos, but to see how my work evolved over time. Some of you may remember these pages from 1997: main page, sci-fi gallery, surreal gallery. And here is how the site looked from 1998 to 2004: main page, gallery, image page. There is a bit of web history in those pages. The web was a simpler place back then... I miss that sometimes.

My first internet address was http://users.cybercity.dk/~bcc5877/. Quite long and hard to remember. So in December 2001 I bought a domain name: visions-art.com and moved the site there. Unfortunately I didn't put much thought into that name and in 2004 I moved again to a new domain name, eonworks.com, which I like much better.

To celebrate this many years on the net I added two more wallpapers to the free section. They are Hotwave and Dream flights. Hotwave was among the first images that I thought was good enough to show on the net back in the mid 90's. Dream flights is a surreal picture I made around 1999. It was a 2D experiment which quite unexpectedly turned out very well. Hope you'll enjoy these wallpapers

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