human skull
Human origins
26 September 2006

Recently I came across an online version of an article I read a few years earlier in the Nexus magazine. The Evidence for Creation by Outside Intervention by Lloyd Pye puts forward a theory stating that human species did not evolve on earth, or at least are the product of extra terrestrial intervention through genetic engineering.

I read about such theories before, but what makes this one worthwhile is that the author, who spent over 30 years researching this, makes some rather convincing arguments. Did you know that humans have over 4000 genetic disorders while all wild animals and plants have relatively few? Or that all Great Apes (orangutans, gorillas, and chimps) have 48 chromosomes, yet humans have 46. Or that all primates have head hair, fingernails and toenails that grow to a certain length and then stop? There are many more of such oddities that make us look out of place.

Whether true or not future will tell. But, it's interesting to consider the massive implications such findings could have on the human psyche and culture. How would religion, science, politics and economy adapt to it? Would it change our relationship to the environment? How would it feel to know that you are not native to this planet?

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