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screenshot from the Java presentation
Alien Sunset presentation
15 May 2006

Some weeks ago I decided to write a small Java applet in order to have an animated presentation for my Alien Sunset image, and to learn the basics of Java. It was quite a ride. Although I have been programming for nearly a decade, I never did any graphical programming. One of the concepts that I had to get used to was that you draw for every frame (just like in TV cartoons). Then I had to learn to do things the Java way, so there was a lot of head scratching :) Fortunately, a friend of mine is an experienced graphics programmer and I could ask him for help when I got stuck. And I sure did get stuck often :) The other thing that kept confusing me is the huge Java API and the specific ways of doing certain things. Anyway, I'm now past the worst part (I hope) and am quite pleased with the final result. Hope you like it too. See it here.

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