unreal 2 concept
Busy working on Unreal 2
22 November 2001

Thank you all for writing me and asking about new updates. It's always nice to hear how much my work is appreciated. I have been incredibly busy for the past many months both with work and personal matters. Fortunately things are getting back to normal now and I should have time to make more frequent updates.

Work is going great btw. Unreal 2 is shaping up VERY nicely and I can tell you it will be a total blast! I'm kept busy doing concepts, textures, skyboxes and even magazine covers. My creative powers are in excellent shape, in fact they've never been better. I wish I could show you some of my game work...

As for this update. I did many improvements and updates to many pages, so feel free to look around. I also started a new series of fantasy paintings of which the first one is online now. I plan for another update very soon, but for now enjoy The executioner and Astral skies.

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