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Foggy mountains space landscape with nebula, planets and stars Space art landscape with nebulas and stars space landscape with big blue stars and a big moon spiky space landscape with big stars a violet space landscape with stars

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Title: Celestial tide ( 2017 • digital • 6340 x 4320 px )
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Space art landscape with nebulas and stars
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25 June 2017 • Here is some interesting information about this space landscape for the technically inclined: the high resolution image consists of 27.388.800 pixels and 1.895.034 unique colors; the uncompressed bitmap file is 82MB; maximally compressed PNG file is 42Mb; there are 44.040.192 polygons in the landscape and two procedural textures; rendering at 6340 x 4320 took 30 minutes and 11 seconds on a dual core Intel I3-2330M 2.2GHz CPU...

And here is a recent colored pencil sketch and a good idea for a future space landscape:

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