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SciFi book cover illustration - planet, space station, spaceships
Black gemini ( 2007 • digital • 2880 x 4356 px )

A Scifi book cover I did for Rachael Kirby's first scifi book "Black Gemini". A description of the book from the author's site:

Black Gemini is an unusual combination of sci-fi and romance. It is a story of love beyond the stars where two people battle against their passionate desire for one another, a love that is not accepted and if found out could end their careers or even their lives. Lieutenant Jess Wilson knows General Viper has a past, a secret he hides, he is a cruel, callous and vindictive man, yet Jess is determined to find out his secret even at the cost of her life. An old enemy resurfaces and Viper has to make a choice. His love or his duty. Filled with action and wonderous Galactic journeys, this sci fi action romance leaves you wondering what happens next.

The book is available in all major online book stores.

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Rachael Kirby from uk wrote:May 24, 2008

May I say Thank you to Dawid for doing this fantastic piece of art for me.It was designed and individually addapted to fit in with the theme of my book "Black Gemini"A unique sci-fi/romance.
A lot of planning and thought went in to the picture,as well as imagination and inspiration combined with passion and determination.The result as you can see is stunning,so thanks to you again.
Rachael Kirby

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