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Uncharted realm ( 2007 • digital • 7000 x 4600 px )
abstract landscape
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A sunset in unknown realm of abstract dimension. A very colorful, warm and cool combination of shapes and form in this abstract landscape.

Sometimes I get asked how I go about creating abstract pictures. I use different tools, both 2D and 3D, and frequently experiment with various ideas and capabilities of the art tools. Often relying on obscure functionality and unusual combination of various techniques that initially make little sense. I almost always use at least two programs to create a single abstract picture. It is an interesting process and I never know what I may end up with. I usually have some ideas what to begin with, but the final picture may be very different from what I was going for. Over time I developed an intuitive sense for what may work in which situation using what tool.

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Cynthia from USA wrote:October 23, 2012

Neat! On the top it looks like the sun is shining with colorful irregular shapes and the reflection is on the cool moving water...:)

B.G from India wrote:May 30, 2012

lovely work....kinna takes me to an absolutely different state of mind.

Dawid Michalczyk wrote:November 17, 2011

Thanks jasmine :) This also happens to be one of my most popular abstract pieces.

jasmine from united states wrote:November 16, 2011

its awesome i love how abstract it is i would never be able to accomplish that

S Ray Chaudhuri from India . wrote:September 1, 2011

It transport me to a different world.

shiella from philippines wrote:July 13, 2009

Your paintings are great. I really love the color combination. So cool and pleasing to the eyes. Amazing! keep up!want to hear from you.

Eclipse wrote:November 30, 2008

Love your work, especially the sunsets and water effects. keep it up!

anonymous wrote:October 31, 2008

its just.....ahh. good job

Clarencina from Canada wrote:June 3, 2008

it is cool.

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