old amiga graphics
My first digital images
21 April 2010

It may be hard to believe but I still have my Amiga 500 computer I bought back in 1987. I keep it for nostalgic reasons - to watch an occasional demo or play a game. So I turned it on recently and started looking through one of my large floppy disk boxes to see if I could find a demo I haven't seen in a while (few years). Instead I found an old gfx floppy disk with my own ancient graphics I did back in 1993. Those were the days of low resolution and limited bitdepth. The average screen resolution back then was 320x256 pixels, and 32 or 256 colors were at one's disposal. Although at first this may seem crude and limiting by today's standards, such limitation encouraged great creativity that made the seemingly impossible possible. The Amiga demo scene of that time is probably the best proof of that.

Anyway, I found 2 bitmaps aka images I did in 32 colors using Deluxe Paint 4. Game Cheats and Utilities are some of the very first digital images I ever did. Back then I did much of my graphic work by literally placing pixels next to each other one at a time until they formed the desired shape or object. 320 x 256 = 81920 pixels to fill up - that's a lot of mouse clicking!

These images illustrate how much technology has improved and how I have progressed during the past 17 years. I wonder how my pictures will look like in 17 years from now?

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