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31 October 2007

I recently came across a very nice site called Visco - "a visual catalogue of the cover art of the science fiction, fantasy, weird and horror fiction magazines from the early twentieth century to the present day." Frankly, this site is quite a gold mine for anybody into SF and Fantasy cover art like myself. There are in total 3631 images from 100 titles/editions. All cataloged by artist and magazine name. It's very interesting to see how the style, and the art tools, changed over time. I just wished the images were bigger. Check out these rare images by Chris Foss and John Harris and Tim White and Bruce Pennington. They sure bring back some memories.

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      1. Ancient giants
      2. Stellar vista
      3. Endless opposites
      4. Planet scape
      5. Edge of perception
      6. Starry evening
      7. Future bandits
      8. Epsilon hunter
      9. Singular ambience
      10. Vacation on...

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